Thursday, January 22, 2009


Day 2 and I've already changed my template. I'm wondering why I didn't see all the choices that are out there yesterday. Oh well, change is good, right? Besides, it's my blog and I can change it up if I want to!!

Additionally, the dots remind me of beads and I've got to see them somewhere cuz I sure haven't been seeing 'em in my garage lately -- it has been too dang cold out there.

For those of you that don't know what my stress-relieving hobby is -- besides making jewelry -- it is making glass beads. I'll try to explain for the benefit of those that are not my beady acquaintances. I've got a quasi studio in the bump-out of our garage, which my husband so graciously donated half of to me. So, in the space of approx. 6'x9' I have the following:
  • my second-hand Steelcase desk and credenza -- these suckers are old, heavy and did you notice I said steel, just what I wanted so they won't burn;
  • my small glass storage cabinet, which sits on top of the credenza;
  • my Chili Pepper kiln, which also sits on top of the credenza;
  • my second-hand oxygen concentrator; and
  • my new purple Cricket from GTT, which I love using, by the way -- even though I've only lit the durn thing about 4 times so far. I finally upgraded my second-hand minor torch last September and I am so glad that I made the switch, even though I really liked the minor, too.

I'm sure you'd get a better idea if I posted a picture. Maybe this weekend I can manage to take a photo. And if you want to see some really awesome glass art and/or jewelry just click around in my blog list. But be forewarned, you may want to hide your wallet.

Oh, and speaking of this weekend, the Lawrence Central Winter Guard will have their first competition at Danville High School in Danville, Indiana. I'm so excited . . .


  1. Change is the only way to keep up with the world...change is the only constant! I've changed my format at least ten times, and I keep looking for ways to customize, but just never put that much effort in.
    Your right though, the circles DO look like beads so quite appropriate. Can't wait til you get pictures up.

  2. I love how you made a point to say that the desks wont burn, but your storage cabinet will. LOl I just that I should point it out. Cause you know me, I am always pointing out something ironic or out of place. Love you, and this is really cute.

  3. Yes, Kelsey, I suppose you are right. But I think it would melt before it burns and with the glass that is inside of it, ewwww, that would be an awful mess. And leave it to my daughter to point something like that out. Love you, too. But can you believe that your mother created a blog????

  4. Making glass is a definite stress relief! You have to kind of go zen and only BE the glass, ya know?

  5. can't wait to see some of your beads...
    glad I found your great blog tonight...
    I have a feww daughters tooo.
    have a great week
    mona & the gaffer girls