Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ecologically unfriendly company

I've been having a slight issue with a company (which will remain nameless) and I am really amazed by their actions.

First of all there was an order placed with this company for their $1.00 trial offer -- for some mineral make-up -- all you had to do was pay $5.95 plus $1 to try this product for 21 days. Notice that I said there was an order placed; however, I was not the one to place the order. Once I found out that this order was placed (within 1 hour), I sent an email explaining that there was an error made and that I wanted to cancel the membership and trial offer. I received a reply that the membership was canceled but that they could not stop the trial shipment from being sent, nor could they refund the money for shipping, handling and the trial offer. So I responded that I would just refuse receipt and return the product. Ah, but I'm then told no, this company does not accept any refused and returned products back.

So, after 8 days I receive the product which comes with 4 types of mineral make-up, 3 brushes and a make up bag. I guess I should mention that the bag is their free gift. But, if I don't want to keep the product after the 21 day trial period -- which the clock started ticking 8 days prior, when the order was placed -- then I have to return everything (except for the free gift) or my debit card will be charged a discounted amount of approx. $56 (I can't remember the exact amount). This discounted amount is if I wish to keep the 3 brushes and 4 little trial size jars of mineral make-up.

At this point I'm getting a little rattled and I emailed the company again just to make sure that I have to pay the shipping and handling to return all the products (except for the small make-up bag, which is their generous gift) -- for an order that I did not place, that I tried to cancel. And yep, sure enough that is correct. Oh and, it is suggested that I return everything with delivery confirmation -- which is going to cost me more.

So, then I emailed the wonderfully cheerful *insert sarcasm here* service rep that has been trying to assist me because I just had to ask if they re-use the make-up and brushes that have been returned. She responded with, "Oh no, they are all thrown away."

Now, could someone please tell me why, when so many businesses are going green, would a company waste so many resources just to get their teeny tiny little make-up jars back along with their shedding make-up brushes? Is this a company that you would want to do business with?

Their actions really have me shaking my head.

Oh, and if you are just dying to know the name of the company, email me.

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